A New Day. A New Start.

Each day is a chance to do something different. Yesterday I was doing my make up to go out with a friend, and I noticed something…my face has gotten fatter. I haven’t been to the gym for quite a while. I definitely have not been trying to eat less or healthier. And now it’s showing. I could ignore it. I could continue on the way I’ve been going and just keeping getting bigger. Or I could take a look at my life and make some changes. Change is really been my way of life since May. PDub and I split, I moved, grandpa passed away, I met J, now I’m moving in with him. I am in a good place in my life. Change to my exercise and eating can really go well. J supports me, and would like to get in a little better shape himself (even though he’s already amazingly sexy). He loves EVERYTHING I cook for him, never complains, and always compliments me.

So here’s the plan: I’m at J’s house until Tuesday morning. I have Tuesday until Friday to pack up all my stuff and be ready to move. Friday after work I come back down to J’s and we go up to my place together on Saturday morning to start moving stuff. Officially I’ll be moved in on Saturday. After the weekend, I’m going to go to the gym after work Monday through Friday. I still have a membership at a gym near my work, and I don’t think my membership expires until the summer sometime. The weekends I will work out in the gym at our apartments (it’s pretty nice) or take a walk if it’s nice. I’m going to take of a day a week, and probably sometimes two. When I made it a priority, I actually really enjoyed going to the gym. And J bought me an mp3 player for xmas, so now I really can listen to some great music at the gym.

I’m going to start following Weight Watchers again, because I know it works great for me. I complain that it costs $17 a month, but seriously, it’s worth it. I LOVE that J loves chicken breasts and doesn’t eat much meat, because it helps me cook healthier food. Chicken each night. Maybe one night a week beef or pork.

This can work. I feel good about it.


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