Checking In

It’s been a while. A long while. I’m still not that great with dealing with life, but I’m trying. I’ve taken a break from blogging because, frankly, I’ve just been too overwhelmed with everything else that’s going on. It’s a beautiful day today. We went fishing with a friend, and it was great. I didn’t catch anything, but got a good bite. My husband finished college and got a part time job. It’s great!! He’s also doing some rental maintenance work, so that’s great too. Life is looking up again.

As far as this journey I’m on, I’m ok. I’ve been going to the gym on a much more regular basis, so I feel good about that. I’m getting some muscle tone back and more strength. I make sure I do atleast 30 minutes of cardio every time I go. My knee has been ok. My eating, though, has been pretty terrible. High fat, high carbs. I did this fast and felt GREAT, but then jumped right back in to my old habits. Sucks.

So my focus today is cleaning my bedroom and the kitchen and really planning my meals for the next week. I can do this. I am doing it. Oh, and we’re getting a pool for the backyard. So I better start looking good for swimming!


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