The Fast Starts Tomorrow

PDub and I went to the beach this weekend. Just for one night. But it was Heaven.  We really needed the break. On the way home I realized that I just don’t feel good. I ache. I’m bloated. I’m tired. I just feel icky. My system needs a reboot.

The fast starts tomorrow.

I’ve never tried to detox or cleanse before, but it seems like a really good idea. My body really just needs a break- some time to relax and get rid of all the garbage inside of it. I’m going to juice fast for eight days. Then rest for three. Then eat 3/4 whole raw foods for 10. After that, it’s on to healthy, mostly whole foods. And lots of water, vitamins, and exercise.

Right now, I’m not focused on losing weight. I’m focusing on getting healthy and not hurting so much. I just want to feel better.

That’s all for now. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your support.


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