Weigh In and Goals

I lost 0.4 pounds this week. Disappointing? A little. But a loss is a loss. This means I’ve lost 6.6 pounds total. 6.6 is good. I haven’t gained any since I started this program. I would like to get out of the 290s sooner rather than later, but I know it’s inevitable that I will.  This week my focus is pretty simple. I need to monitor what I’m eating and stay within my points. My goal is to not use any of my flex points. It’s the first week that I’m going back to work, so today I’m planning out what to eat while I’m there. Tomorrow I will find out about breaks and lunches, a very important part of my plan. If I don’t get regular breaks (I should get one every two hours), then I’ll need to eat more for breakfast to keep me full longer. I’m also going to bring a book with me to work, so if I do get a break, but don’t have any snacks, I will keep myself occupied. For this first week, I’m going to go home for lunch, because I cannot walk to work (tendinitis restriction). This will help use some time in between working, so I won’t want to eat as much. I’m not making a fitness goal for this week. My knee movement needs to be kept to a minimum, and I really need to focus on my eating.

Today I’m cleaning out the fridge and going to a friend’s to hang out with her and my favorite four year old. We’re going to drink blackberry wine and color. Exciting!!


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