Today is a good day. My knees are feeling better from the Voltaren gel my doctor gave me. I can’t take anti-inflammatory pills, so this is the same thing, just topical. I went shopping in the not-so-big city (Olympia) with my mom today. She has MS and doesn’t get to go much because of her illness, so we went and had a great time.  I stocked up on grains at the Olympia Food Co-Op, and even stopped at the Super WalMart in Chehalis to get the Alternative Bagels. They are DELICIOUS!

I’m really excited this weekend, because I’ll be working on Monday. I got the job I wanted! I’m now a state employee (again), and hopefully will not have to go thr0ugh what I did in the past. It’s even down the street from my house, so once I can start walking around like a semi-normal person again, I can walk to work.

In other great news, the pool by my house offers water aerobics three nights a week! It’s awesome and I’m totally going to do it. So I did find something I can do until my knees are finally back to being ok. Then I’m going to go really, really slow, just like I’m supposed to. If I blow out my knee before the marathon, I’m going to be pissed!!

There you have it. Weight Watchers is going well, even with the lack of extra activity. I weigh in officially tomorrow. Thanks for listening and thanks for your support. You guys rock! No, seriously. YOU DO!


One Response to “hope.”

  1. robfitness Says:

    Great news about the pool! Now you can continue to be active and not cause any extra stress on your knees. Plus Congrats! on getting the job. With the economy the way it is you have to feel proud that they picked you above others. So keep up the positive energy and hope the knee feels better. Did you see the post that I did on my blog just for you? if not go check it out and let me know what you think.

    I am sure you’ll do well at your WW . Make sure you let us all know how it went.
    Have a great day and keep up the great work. Knowing that you are out there living this journey with us helps me out as well. I feel that I am not alone in what I go through and experience.

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