Doctors are Good People.

I swear I believe that. I do. Even when they give you bad news that you don’t want to hear. She said I have tendinitis. Great. She said I can’t do anything for 10 days. Even better. She said I can only do water aerobics after 10 days until I feel no discomfort at all. My gym doesn’t have a pool. That’s the best. 😐

I had a few choice words for my doctor. Never have I had a problem with my joints, even with all the extra weight I’ve had on my body for, like, ever. But now I have tendinitis. Minor condition? Probably. Big deal to me? Definitely.

I. hate. this.

Really, I’m frustrated with myself. I didn’t think I was doing too much. I didn’t think I was going too hard. Sure I was sore. But sore is expected. I guess those 70 pounds I gained in the last year did more than just make me wear bigger pants. I guess I could work out better and harder at 70 pounds less. Great.

So now what do I do?

I do what she tells me. I rest for 10 days. I research exercises I can do without my legs and without a pool. I do those until I feel no discomfort in my knees at all. Any suggestions? I’d love some. Once I get to start again, I start slow. Really, really slow. That’s what she said. She told me I have lots of time to lose it. She’s right. I’d rather lose slowly than seriously injur myself. Then we’d have a problem.

There you have it. That’s all I have.


2 Responses to “Doctors are Good People.”

  1. run4change Says:

    Hang in there my friend. Let it heal so that you can kick but in portland.

  2. robfitness Says:

    I totally understand your frustration because that’s what I recently went through as well. All my life I have been very obese and not active as much. Then I loose the weight become a bit more active then what happens, all sorts of problems. I didn’t have them when I was heavier so What’s up with it now. I still have a hard time understanding how I can go from a fairly healthy over weight guy and a healthier guy that now has issues with his knees as well. I thought I had tendinitis as well in the knee but after some X-rays and an MRI I have arthritis instead. Don’t know which is worse, it still hurts at times. At least with this I know my limits and that I am not doing any serious damage to my knee by running or biking. If it starts to hurt a bit I just lay off the exercise a bit.
    Now when my doctor told me not to use the knee my trainer did suggest an exercise that you don’t use your knees at all. It’s called an “Arm Bike” What you do is just sit done and plant your feet on the floor and all you do is basically use your arms to move the “bike”. It helps the chest and your arms so your still burning calories. The more resistance you set it at the harder it is. I like I did a post on it at one time and what I’ll do is re post it and I have a picture of the bike as well so you’ll see what I mean. Plus if it’s not to much, the elliptical trainer is also a very low impact cardio for the knees as well.

    Just be strong and I know you’ll work through this time. I fell a little discomfort or pain is well worth the journey to better health. You can do this! I have Faith in you. Just continue to watch your diet as well.

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