Weigh In Results and New Goals for the Week

As I was writing my blog on Blog to Lose this morning, a few different thoughts were going through my head. I’ve been stressed a lot lately (DUH!), so of course I’ve been thinking a lot. Two thought have stuck with me throughout the day: how people affect me and ganas.

First of all, I lost 2.7 pounds this week, which puts me at 6.2 pounds lost since the beginning. I’m still losing. Thank God! I did eat quite a few of my weekly points, but not all of them. I didn’t touch my activity points. I’m doing ok. I got through the stressful times with blogging and talking and screaming and crying and your support. Thank you for that.

I weighed myself, hoping I hadn’t gained since I weighed myself two days ago, but of course I did. You know what I was thinking? You could have done better. Seriously, that’s the terrible self-talk I practice at times. But I caught myself. What does do better mean, anyway? No kaiser roll? No pudding? No extra points? More exercise? I did well. This past week I felt like my life was falling apart, but I made it. I didn’t eat my way through it. I didn’t buy ice cream or pizza or hide chips in the bathroom. I made it. That’s doing damn good. That’s definitely doing better than I’ve ever done before.

My boss at the first job I had after college used to say that to me all the time. Each week I would tell her how much I lost, because we were friends and I was excited about losing weight. Every week she would say to, “just think how much more you could have lost had you not eaten that [insert food here].” Seriously. She said it until I got so tired of it that I just gave up trying. I let her words influence me so much that I just quit losing weight. She didn’t make me quit. I did. That’s how much people affect me. That’s why I was afraid to tell PDub how much I weigh. Because I was afraid that he wouldn’t support me and I’d have to get a divorce and give up on myself. (Update: I told PDub this morning that I was ready to tell him how much I weigh. He told me I could, but it didn’t matter because I would lose it. He does support me!! 🙂 It makes me really happy.) I guess that’s also why I’m here, letting total stranger in on my most intimate thoughts and feelings. It’s important to me to have support. I’m working really hard on not letting others’ negativity affect me.

My goals for this week are pretty simple:
Plan, plan plan! I need to plan no only the times I’m eating, but also what I’m eating. I need to get in my good health guidelines.

Exercise at least four days this week for at least 45 minutes. I missed my goal last week by 30 minutes. My knees are still sore, but now I’m beginning to think it’s more soreness than injury, which is definitely good.

The other thought in my mind is ganas, but I think I’ll give that it’s own post. It definitely deserves it.


2 Responses to “Weigh In Results and New Goals for the Week”

  1. robfitness Says:

    Great job on another great week in weight loss. See you are doing it and you and your husband should be so proud of you, as I am. I am so glad that he does support you. i feel that it can only enhance your progress and determination to continue on with this journey.
    I plan all my meals as well and it helps out a great deal. I even cook a lot of my meals in advance so they’re ready to eat with little preparation. I am sure that it will work well for you too.
    Keep it up… You are still and will continue to make great strides.

  2. robfitness Says:

    Oh were Oh were is Sarah? I hope that all is going well for you. I get worried when a fellow blogger/friend doesn’t post for a couple of days. I know we have busy loves and it does prevent us from getting on here as much as we would like.
    How are your goals doing this week? Are you making it to the gym and walking as well?
    Know that I am thinking about you and hope that your well.

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