A New Day

the reason that I didn't workout yesterday

the reason that I didn't workout yesterday

I got up at 4am yesterday to go to Gresham. My best friend, Suzanne, needed a last minute babysitter for her 7 1/2 month old son, Kolton. I LOVE THIS KID!!! Yes, his bib says HOT STUFF cuz it’s true. He’s my favorite little boy and I gave up a day of working out to be with him. He’s pulling himself up on things and always wants you to hold his hand so he can try to walk. He has an ear infection, so he was really unhappy for part of the day, and refused to let me put him down when he was sleeping. So I held him for two hours and finally the pain went away. I did bring food with  me, because I knew if they had food that it wouldn’t be food I should eat. I gave in and had  a serving of pizza rolls for 5 points. It wasn’t even worth it. In the old days, I could have eaten half the box (120 in the box total). I had tofu and whole wheat pasta throughout the day, too, so I got in some good protein.

I was starving by the time I left, and even hungrier when I got home an hour later. I really really really wanted mexican food. Thank God PDub doesn’t like to go out to eat. He’s getting a broken tooth pulled today, and always wants to eat lots the day before any dental work. But I opted to have potatoes and he had leftover pork. YAY! I won the battle against my fat self.

I didn’t go over my points, so that was a triumph. I didn’t work out, but I’ll be ok. I’m going to the gym today when I get motivated and then I’m gunna walk the lake with Taz. Oh, and I got a job, so we’re gunna get a dog!! I’m really excited about it, and it’ll be another reason for me to walk the lake every day. I want a basset hound REALLY BAD.

So there you have it. Today is a new day.


One Response to “A New Day”

  1. robfitness Says:

    Congrats on the job! That’s awesome. By the way “awesome” seems to be my latest word I use quite a bit.
    Your doing well and isn’t it a great feeling when you you win another battle. You seem to be winning a lot lately so keep up the great work and great job for staying within your points as well.
    So when will you decide what kind of dog you treating yourself too? Now you can get some more exercise by chasing it around. A win win situation if you ask me.

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