Weigh In Results and New Goals

I’ve lost 0.1 lbs since last Sunday, which puts me at a total of 3.5 lbs lost. I’m happy with that. Sure I’d love to see more, but there are a few factors I know that are influencing this number. I didn’t eat my daily points allowance every day this past week. There were a couple days when I had a third or more left over. Not good. This is part of my planning. Yesterday, I jogged for the second time. I’ve been sore, so it’s possible I’m retaining some water. The last time I did WW and I started working out every day, I actually gained weight that first week and it took 3-4 weeks to see the loss from all the exercise I was doing.

Things that went the way I planned:
I took my multivitamin every day.
I didn’t go over my points.
I didn’t use any of my Activity or Weekly Points.
I counted everything I ate.
I exercised six days this week, for at least 45 minutes a day.

New goals for this week:
Eat all daily points, every day, no matter what. This is really important, I know, and last week was hard. I am happy, however, that I didn’t just give up and eat over my points. Planning out the times for my meals will help, too, so I won’t have 20+ points left over at the end of the day for my nightly gorging. That’s a bad habit to get in to, and I’m afraid it will lead to other things (like just giving up).

Exercise at least 4 days a week, for at least an hour a day. Continue to incorporate jogging in to walks. I’m not going to put a number or time on my jogging. This is the beginning, and I want to take it slow. My goal is no injuries!! But I will keep at it. It makes me feel great that I do it, and I know it’s good for my body.

I did a lot of great things for myself this last week, and I’m proud. I met my goals that I set for myself, and I’m slowly getting to my first weight loss goal of 15 lbs. I know I’ll get there. Eating all my points is going to be hard and will take a lot of focus, but I’m up for the challenge. I really want to learn good habits, and eating “like a normal person” is really important to me. I got some great ideas from my friends at Blog to Lose on how to eat all my points, so I know it won’t be that hard if I plan and am ready.

In other news, I just got back from the gym. I walked/jogged for an hour and did strength training for my legs. Tomorrow I’ll do arms. I tried to jog 1 minute and walked 4 minutes. It worked!! I was really proud of myself, and wasn’t even embarrassed when there was a really handsome firefighter (they all go to the same gym as me) on the treadmill right next to mine. I know that most of my insecurities are internal, and really the people at the gym don’t care if a fat girl is jogging or not. I also made really good 1 point soup last night. I used a cornish game hen that we had leftover from dinner earlier in the week and threw in some carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, peas, corn, and potatoes. I also used some quinoa and whole wheat orzo that I had on hand. DELICIOUS! I told PDub that I could freeze some, since I made so much, but he said, “I don’t think you’ll have to do that.” He was right. It’ll be gone by tomorrow.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for all of your support.


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2 Responses to “Weigh In Results and New Goals”

  1. robfitness Says:

    Very good job there as always. I have to say that I totally understood how you felt when you were jogging, first it is an awesome feeling to do something that you thought was never going to be possible and YOU DID IT! Great job. The insecurities as well I have been through myself and have felt the same thing. I was also thinking that people were watching me and saying the same things you were thinking. I also felt embarrassed and that I was making a fool of myself when I ran. You are right, those are all internal. I mentioned this to my trainer as well and he told me that nobody cares what your are doing or what you are even wearing. They’re there for themselves and they are concentrating on what they need to do, not on you.
    So keep up it up and what a great post again.

  2. beth Says:

    Hi I’m new here. But I thought I ‘d share my experience with points. Some days I have a hard time getting to the min points also. I’ve since found it easier to also calculate a weekly points total. For instance a usual Sunday dinner can be heavy on points. So the points for that day will be considerably higher. So when I calculate an average for a week it usually works out to a good number of points for each day–I guess sort of like “banking” points but more informally.
    This has worked for me.
    Keep up the good work.

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