Steak Is A Trigger

PDub’s been talking about bbqing steaks all week. Thursday is his semi-Friday, because he doesn’t have class on Fridays. So last night he stopped at Safeway on the way home and bought some chuck eye steaks- our favorite. I was really excited at the prospect of steak and watched my points all day to make sure I could eat a decent size portion. My plate consisted of 8oz. steak, baked potato with light sour cream, and italian mixed veggies. When I started eating, it was like I couldn’t stop. Something came over me. I was an animal, scarfing down my veggies and potato to get to my delicious steak. Don’t get me wrong- it was good. But once I ate it, I started thinking of other things: peppermint oreos we have left over from Christmas (they’re stale), PDub’s apple fritter dessert, ice cream, even McDonald’s. Oh Jesus. It took all the willpower I had to just sit in my recliner and not move. I knew if I did, we’d have trouble. We rented Mirrors last night also, and I wanted to watch it to take my mind off food, but PDub took forever doing stuff on the computer. Finally we watched it, and I went to bed without eating anything extra. Could I have had it? Yes. I have all of my weekly points and activity points left. Did I need it? No. Was I still hungry? No. It’s good I didn’t give in. Giving in is always what does me in. Not this time. This time I’m going to recognize my triggers, like steak, which I won’t be eating again for a very long time. Besides, it gave me terrible sulfur burps for the rest of the night. GROSS!

A disaster avoided. A triumph. I have my interview at 11, then I’m going to walk the lake (with some jogging!) and perhaps go to the gym later on.


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One Response to “Steak Is A Trigger”

  1. robfitness Says:

    Boy you are doing so well here in every aspect of your life. My best to you on your interview. I’m sure you’ll blow them away.
    It is important to really recognize what your triggers foods are. That way your more aware of what you’re eating and not. I know my trigger foods are banana and peanut butter, not necessarily together though. So one thing I don’t do is have those trigger foods in my house. That way I am not tempted.
    one final note. Great job on the jogging. It’s never easy to do but once you start and progress along it does get easier. I myself just started running/jogging. Mainly on the treadmill and track. Hopefully next week I’ll actually get outside and do it.
    Again keep up the awesome work! šŸ™‚

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