When Life Happens

The last two days have been hard for me. My stomach has been slightly upset since yesterday morning. I really haven’t felt like eating much. I had a job interview yesterday, walked the lake (4 miles) with Taz, and at all except 10 of my points. I just couldn’t eat them. I didn’t even want to eat dinner, but then quinoa sounded good so I had that with some canned salmon on a toasted piece of sprouted grain bread.

Today I’ve been really down. I got up really early, PDub and I had a talk, then I went back to bed and didn’t get up until almost noon. I haven’t had enough water yet today, but I’m going to get in a lot with dinner (roasted cornish game hen with potatoes and veggies), and I’m going to take my vitamin right before I eat.

I’ve been worried today about what happens to my eating and exercising habits once life happens. Obviously, I can’t control everything in my life, and today’s been hard. I’m glad that I’m not eating through my emotions like I have in the past, but I’m also not eating like I usually do because sometimes I just don’t feel like it and other time I’m so hungry that my belly is growling. I’m glad I walked the lake yesterday and today, and I’m going to do it tomorrow along with a trip to the gym. When I have been hungry, I’ve been getting in good fruits, lean protein, and whole grains, so I’m happy with that, too. I know it helps to not have junk in the house like we used to. PDub bought himself a bag of Cheetos last night. I don’t even particularly like them, and they give me heartburn, but maaaaan did that bag look good. Good thing I already had a stomach ache.

Thank you, all of you, for your support and inspiration. I couldn’t do it without you. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to.


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4 Responses to “When Life Happens”

  1. run4change Says:

    Although difficult, when life happens is actually when the journey happens too. Keep up the great work Sarah. You are going good. Great job on walking the lake. Some people at my work walk that lake sometimes. Good job.

  2. sarahlovesfood Says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, Jason. I see all of you folks in maintenance, and you’re such a huge inspiration! One foot in front of the other, right? Right!

  3. Teresa Says:

    You have no idea how many times I say that (one foot in front of the other) in my head. I sometimes just have to keep repeating it to get myself through. You are doing awesome and just keep telling yourself that. I love reading your blog and watching you stick with it.

  4. sarahlovesfood Says:

    Thank you Teresa!! Your blog is great and always inspiring. I truly appreciate all of your support!

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