Still Going Strong

Last night I felt really rushed. I had a few things to do and not much time to do them this morning. It’s not even 1pm, and they’re done! I focused and completed all my tasks, so now I really do have plenty of time to workout. I’m going to walk the lake with my bestie, Taz, even though her legs are sore (so are mine!). I told her that we can walk through the pain, so we are. I figure if I can workout, I will. I’m still not working, so I have plenty of time to workout and plan my meals.

Speaking of meals, I’ve only eaten 9.5 of my 36 points today. Damn. I really need to focus on getting in more points earlier in the day. I also think that I’m going to monitor how much protein I’m eating. Most people eat way too much protein (PDub being one of them), so I’d really like to figure out how much I should eat, and keep track of how I’m eating it. We eat beans and quinoa quite a bit, as well as fish and chicken. Perhaps next week my goal with be to eat within my protein range for the whole week. We’ll see when we get there.


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