First Weigh In Results

This morning I weighed myself wearing the same amount of clothes I had on last Sunday. I LOST 3.4 POUNDS! Yes. That’s right. I did it. I’m doing. I’m continuing on, moving forward and doing well. I am pretty sore from my workouts yesterday, but I’m going to go walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes to keep my muscles loose. If I sit around all day, I know I’m going to feel more sore. This journey is going really well. I made it through the first week. Thank you for all of your continued support!


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One Response to “First Weigh In Results”

  1. robfitness Says:

    What a great and awesome job your doing and Congrats on the weight loss.
    As a fellow food addict, yes that I am, I know what your going through and I also know that you can overcome it as well. The exercise your doing is real good and 45 minutes on the treadmill is a great accomplishment. just keep it up and the pounds will melt off. Do you also keep a food journal? I have been since I started my journey in Feb 08. I have 4 journals so far and it’s a good way to honestly track what I eat and sometime why I eat.
    I know you can do this. You have my 100% support and confidence.

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