A Good Day

Today was good. I’m tired from working out, but I feel a sense of accomplishment. I did it. I made it to the gym again today, did 45 minutes of cardio, then walked to whole lake with my bestie again. Tomorrow will be a busy day of turning in job applications and scheduling interview, and I might take the day off to let my body heal. My legs are so sore!! I took a bath when I got home tonight, which helped, but they still hurt.

 Each week, I’m going to make one Weight Watchers and one exercise goal for that week. Since this is the beginning of a new week, I have two non-weight-loss goals. I’m going to take a vitamin every day (check for today!), and I’m going to exercise for at least 45 minutes at least three days this week. I don’t know that I need rewards for my goals yet, but we’ll see.

I feel really motivated with my loss today and the exercise I’ve been doing. Once I work through this soreness, I know that going to the gym like I used to won’t be too hard. Oh, and my gym membership expires in 36 days. I haven’t renewed yet, but I will if I get a job before then. If not, I’ll just have to walk and find other ways to exercise until I get a job so I can really justify the expense.

My food has been good for the most part, but I have a ton of points left again tonight!! I really need to focus on using points earlier in the day, so I don’t have so many left at night. I love eating, don’t get me wrong, but I think that eating bigger dinners reminds me too much of all the food I would eat as a kid. Dinners were always where we would eat the most. Eating more food earlier and smaller dinner may help me retrain my mind that I don’t NEED to gorge myself.


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