We’re Out of the Danger Zone

The night before last we were evacuated from our homes due to the imminent threat of the dyke breaking on the Coweeman River. I’ve never been evacuated before for anything, so it was pretty scary. One of the reasons I wanted to stay in Washington was because we’re not really prone to natural disasters. But after this, I’m questioning that reasoning. We spent the night at my mom’s house, but the dyke never broke. Thank God. We got to come back yesterday, but because of all the anxiety and fear, I didn’t get much sleep at my mom’s, so I slept most of the day yesterday.

As far as eating, I was on track before the threat of flooding. I made my turkey breast early, just in case we had to leave or we lost power. Turned out that we did have to leave, so I ate some turkey before we left and brought the rest with us. We at turkey at my mom’s, and I had some grapes. I made PDub a sandwich later on, but I stopped at the grapes.

The next morning, PDub woke me up around 4am to watch the news. The Coweeman hadn’t crested, and they didn’t know when it would. I ate a little salami and pepperoni that my mom had in her fridge (about an oz. of each), and also had a Quaker oat bar. It was gross, but had some protein and carbs, and was only one point.

PDub decided that he wanted to go check on the river and go to breakfast. There are not a lot of options for breakfast between my mom’s and our house. Really, there’s only one. I was starving at this point, so what did I do? Had a DELICIOUS breakfast: 2 eggs over easy, 2 sausage links, 2 pancakes with country gravy. I ate it all. I was stuffed, and had used a ton of points, but I didn’t feel bad (maybe just a little). Nothing is off limits.

In the past, this would be where I would fall of the wagon and just say screw it. We got home, cleaned up the house, and I relaxed. I ate a banana, then found some light popcorn in my cupboards. I ate four cups, then slept for hours with my cat. It felt good to sleep.

I didn’t want to really make dinner, but I needed to eat. I stir fried some vegetables and ate them with hoisin sauce. I ended up having three plates by the end of the night, but man were they good. It ended up being a pretty good day.

This morning has pretty much been back to normal. I ate a banana, then had some left over turkey and lentils and rice. It’s about time for me to eat again, so I think I’m going to have some apple sauce. I didn’t fall off the wagon. I had my huge points breakfast, then ended on a good note. I think I’m really learning something. I feel good.


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3 Responses to “We’re Out of the Danger Zone”

  1. Teresa Says:

    That’s really good getting right back on track. I am glad you are home safe and sound now.

    • sarahlovesfood Says:

      Thank you, Teresa, for all of your kind words and encouragement! It’s nice to know that there are people, similar to me, that have completed much of their journey and are still giving inspiration to others!

  2. robfitness Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the very kind and generous comment. I would be honored if you would link to my blog and I hope you don’t mind if I do the same.
    For now I need to get to bed, as I work the graveyard shift. I’ll be back tomorrow to take a closer look at yours as well.

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