Day 3- A New Beginning

Day 3 has really no reason to be a new beginning. It’s just good to remind myself that each day is a new day. Yesterday ended well, but I’m not getting in all my points. 44 is a lot! I ate homemade bean and bacon soup last night (so good!), and that’s what I’m eating right now at 10:30. I actually woke up at 5am, because PDub was already up. So I ate three slices of deli chicken (1 point), then went back to bed when he left for school around 7:30. So now I’m back up, eating soup, and drinking water. I wanted to walk the lake today with my besties but it’s raining, so I’m going to go to the gym instead. Just 30 minutes is all I need to do. If I feel like it, I will do more. I don’t have much motivation for the gym these days, but it’s a great workout and a very nice gym. I used to love going because it was helping me not only lose weight, but getting me in shape!

I was thinking this morning that I wanted to make a small back of potato corn chowder with cheese for dinner. It sounds really good. I wouldn’t have to make a huge pot, and I could use FF milk, so that wouldn’t be too bad, right? I’m not sure what I would make with it, but some kind of protein. I’ll think about it.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start timing when I eat, so I can eat more food and control my hunger. I find myself with massive amounts of points left at dinner time, and I haven’t used all of them yet. I’m eating at 10:30 now, so I’lll eat again at 12:30 and in two hour increments after that. For now, it should work ok. Tonya says it works for her, and I’ll try anything if it will help me not overeat!

On Thursday I’m going to Applebee’s with some friends/former co-workers. We used to go out every Thursday after work to improve our working relationship. This is definitely part of the reason I’ve gained so much weight in the last year. Eating greasy, fat-filled food and have three or four mixed drinks did not help my weight loss! My plan is to have water with lemon, and maybe one drink. I’m going to eat before I go, so I won’t be starving while I’m there or tempted to eat high points food. I’m sure we’ll have dinner, but I’m just going to have a salad. That will be good. Then I will go home and feel good about the experience and what I ate.


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